Adapting to COVID-19

To our valued guests, family & friends!

We think it’s safe to say that we are now in the swing of our summer season. While it has been a challenge for us to adapt to the new restrictions that come along with this global pandemic, we are committed to keeping you all safe during your visit with us. If you are planning a visit to stay with us, or even to come to the state of Maine, here are some things that you should know:

If you are coming from New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey or New York, you are now welcome to come to our state without getting tested for Coronavirus. If you will be joining us at our establishment, you’ll notice a few new things that we are doing to try to maintain physical distancing in order to keep us all safe. 

1) We are moving to contactless check-ins. We ask that you give us a call on your way up to the lodge. We will walk you through all the information that you need and we’ll direct you to your cabin or room, saving the need for you to come into the lodge upon your arrival. 

2) We prepare take out meals to our guests Wednesday-Sundays. We are working to prepare a few dine in waterfront services this summer, but until we feel confident about this, we will continue to make our meals in take out form.

3) We ask that if you come into the lodge that you do adhere to the CDC guidelines and wear a mask.

If you are planning on a trip to Maine, please do know before you go. Please read about our states travel restrictions and respect them. They can be found below:

Thank you so much! We Hope to see you soon!

Lindsay, Mike, Walter & Annie


Updated on 07/02/2020


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