Moose & Wildlife Tours

at Mount Chase Lodge

Complete your trip to Maine’s north woods with a Moose and Wildlife Excursion! Our Registered Maine Guides will get you off the beaten path and into the wild to better your chances of seeing moose.

Morning Tour

Wildlife viewing is often best at dawn. Morning excursions are 4 hours long, leaving Mt. Chase Lodge at 4:30 a.m. Your guide will meet you with coffee and a snack for the road - whether you venture by canoe or by road is at the discretion of your local guide. Moose or no, you will learn about the animals, edibles, and forest around you in this unforgettable north woods experience. 

4 Hour Morning Tour

$150 for 2 people

$30 each additional person
$15 each for children 12 and under

Evening Tour

Prefer evening to dawn? Join us for a two hour Moose and Wildlife Excursion at dusk. Either by water or roads, we’ll bring you to the best spots to see evening wildlife. The tour will leave promptly after dinner at the lodge at 7:30 and return no later than 9:30 p.m.

2 Hour Evening Tour

$75 for 2 people

$30 each additional person
$15 each for children 12 and under

What's happening in our woods?

Moose Count – June 22

Magnificent morning on the water: multiple moose, loons, ospreys, waterfowl, two turtle species, and curious beavers. Each time we said it couldn't possibly get any better, it did. So thankful to have helped David see his first (and second and third and fourth and...

Moose Count -June 21

Will we or won’t we see moose? Yesterday mornings trip did not disappoint! (6/21) with 4 moose, 3 Beavers, waterfowl aplenty, a momma snapping turtle, and a very photogenic loon, we’d say we were very fortunate. Either that or our guests from Tennessee brought the...