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Maine Moose Hunting Package

New for 2019!

Maine Moose Hunting Package

A new law recently passed by the Maine legislature allocated a limited number of moose permits (50) to Maine Sporting Camps through a special lottery. We were the winners of a bull moose permit for (WMD 1) Wildlife Management District 1 during the September moose hunt which is peak rut. We have hired Dave Conley to provide his guiding services for this remote bull moose hunt. Much like turkey and elk, moose can be very susceptible to calling. What a thrill to interact with a trophy bull moose as it responds to the call.

What to Expect

Expect numerous opportunities to harvest a nice bull with racks in the middle 40s, bulls with 50″-55″ wide racks are not uncommon. Hunters are encouraged to pass on smaller bulls waiting for an opportunity on a bigger bull. With the ability to quarter and pack out your moose, you’re able to get on foot to spot n stalk, placing you in Maine’s best moose country.

Hunt from Remote Moose Hunting Camps

While many hunters drive more than an hour one way each day just to get to their hunting grounds, our outpost camp is located in the heart of prime moose hunting country well away from any towns. We’re more than 80 miles west of Ashland over dirt roads. You can drive right to camp (2 spare tires are recommended), park your vehicle and let us take care of the rest.  Camp includes top-notch accommodations; the main shelter serves as a community area for meals. Private sleep tents for your private hunting party of 2-3 persons are spacious 12′ x 12′ Cabela’s Alaknak Ultimate Outfitter tents complete with cots, carpet flooring and a wood stove.  Note, the most we would book is three hunting parties in camp at one time.

Physical Limitations

For those with physical limitations, hunting is done close to dirt roads or the distance traveled on foot shorten. We’ll adapt your hunt based on your physical abilities and desires.

Cost and what’s included in the Hunt

The cost for the hunting package is $15,000.00 includes a 2nd hunter (sub-permittee, 2 shooters, one moose), 6-day hunt, transportation while on your hunt, all private land owner access fees, meals while in camp and on the hunt, one on one guide, game bags, quartering, removing your moose from the woods and capeing your moose for a shoulder or European mount.

Additional costs and Information

Moose Permit $1500.00, big game hunting license $115.00, additional persons beyond the hunter and sub-permittee is $700 per person for meals and accommodations. When flying, we recommend arriving in Presque Isle on Saturday, 2 days prior to the hunt. There are daily nonstop flights from Newark (EWR). We recommend staying overnight at the Hampden Inn in Presque Isle and we can transport you into camp picking you up Sunday morning and returning you after the hunt is complete. Our remote outpost camp is located west of the St. John River and near the Quebec border. It is approximately 80 miles west of Ashland over dirt roads. When driving to camp, we recommend arriving in a pickup with 2 good spare tires or arrangements can be made to have your vehicle parked in Ashland and have us pick you up and return you to your vehicle after the hunt. The cost is $175.00 each way from Ashland to camp. When picking you up at the Hampden Inn in Presque Isle, it is a 100-mile and 4-hour trip. The cost is $200.00 each way. When having us transport your moose to a butcher, the cost is $400.00 & 220-mile round trip or only $25.00 when combined with taking you back to the Hampden Inn in Presque Isle. If you choose to have your moose cut and packaged while still in Maine, the cost is approx. $500.00, Note: Dave uses a very reputable butcher that does a great job cutting and wrapping your moose meat and can reserve with him in advance of your hunt. Typically, there is a 2-3 day turnaround from the time you drop off your moose and when picking it up packaged and ready for travel. If you are flying, we recommend checking in two boxes of frozen meat at just under 50LBs each.  Note, if you decide to donate some or all of your moose, we’ll be glad to assist you but you will still be responsible to cover the costs of butchering your moose. Our butcher only accepts checks or cash and payment is due when picking up your moose.  

Securing your hunt

A $6500.00 nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your hunt. This includes the cost of the permit which is $1500.00. The balance of $10,000.00 is due 30 days prior to the start of the hunt. Payment by check is preferred, credit card payments accepted when adding 3% to cover processing fees. Note, once we have received your deposit and big game license number (required in order to obtain your moose hunting permit), we’ll submit payment of $1500.00 to the state of Maine along with your name address, DOB and hunting license number.


The permit may not be resold or transferred by the licensed hunter. To be eligible to buy a moose permit from a sporting camp or a recreational camp, a hunter must be eligible to obtain a Maine hunting license by the opening day of the moose season for which the permit is issued. In addition, the hunter must meet the 3-year waiting period from the last date they were previously issued a moose permit. For the 2019 year, this means that a hunter would not be eligible to purchase a permit from a sporting camp or a recreational camp if they won a moose permit in the regular moose lottery in 2016, 2017, or 2018. Moose permits purchased through the Department’s auction process are exempt from this restriction. The sporting camp or recreational camp must notify the Department of the name, DOB, address, and hunting license number of the hunter to whom they have sold the permit. Once this is complete, the Department will issue the actual permit to the hunter approximately two weeks prior to the hunt.

For more information about your hunt, contact our guide Dave Conley and be sure to visit his website.

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