Tons of traffic through today. If you were through Thank you do much for your patience during the lunch rush!

Craig has gone north to 71D and is going up 85N to where 81 intersects and Patten continues to meet Oxbow. I’m Out now Headed south from Shin Pond on 114/85.
(See highlighted map for tonight’s grooming)

You can tell This trail saw some traffic as it was perfect when I was done last night and we had cold.

12 degrees now and getting colder so it should set up nice again tonight for those if you riding in tomorrow!

👉🏼Don’t forget to come out and support the Vintage Snowmobile Races tomorrow to benefit the Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Club. Like many clubs in the “Snowbelt” we’ve been operating beyond our grant money for weeks already! $10 spectator fee. Kids under 10 free. We’ll be servicing food at the races to raise $ for the Club and the 5th graders will be offering deserts to raise $ for their Boston trip. The store and restaurant will also be open like usual.

Take note that Libby Camps final day was today 3/17 so their grooming has ended.