Mt. Chase Lodge Bakery

Homemade Artisan Breads
It is amazing to me how much you can do with just flour, water and salt. That is really all you need to make delicious bread. It’s so simple and I think that is why I love baking bread so much. I gained a lot of my baking experience from working with some great chefs during our summers in Alaska. But where I learned the most was attending the Kneading Conference in Skowhegan. Among all of the gluten free hysteria (some of which is real), there is an artisan bread revolution going on right in our backyard. We have brought that north to the Katahdin region.

Some of Mike’s Favorites

Oatmeal Maple Wheat

Siracha Sourdough with Roasted Garlic

Dilled Wheat Bread

Focaccia Bread

At the heart of this bread revolution is sourdough. The only way to bake bread prior to the discovery of yeast in the late 1860’s was to have a sourdough starter. This is the processing of cultivating naturally occurring wild yeast into a flour and water mixture, and feeding it only flour and water. I began my sourdough starter while working in the Forks in 2013. This is getting back to the way bread was made 5,000 years ago. So with the idea of getting back to the way bread was originally baked, I will be making an earthen oven to make wood fired breads. An earthen oven, similar to a brick oven, is the first oven anything was ever baked in. Made from materials such as sand, clay and cement, this type of oven traps and stores heat from the fire built inside of it.


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