We finally got all the new toys up to the trail head and gave them a trial run. Thanks to NPS we have a new roller and  groomer. The Groomer Guy is over the moon..(He hasn’t gotten anything stuck yet )
Yesterday we collected another 2-4 inches up north , although some of that is now in the woods thanks to some very strong winds.
Temps climbed slowly from 9 degrees to a balmy 15 by the time we finished.
We packed , groomed and set a single track set on packed powder around the Old River Road Loop . The Snowshoe Trail  (Trail head To your left by the  gate) is also good to go , look high and low for the flagging .    We finished the day by packing to out a mile past Haskell Gate . Conditions were mostly packed powder with a few big drifts to break through and one short open stretch on the Messer Pond Orin Falls Road  that was pretty scoured by the wind.
A reminder for snowshoers to please not walk on the areas we groom for skiing, but use the designated snowshoe trail or keep well off to the side of the ski trails  especially in warmer conditions.
We will stay off the snow when temps climb this weekend  but head up and ski!
The area snowmobile trails look awesome and there are lots of sledders appearing at Matagamon and Shin Pond Village.
Your Northwoods Snow Reporter and the Groomer Guy