Good Evening
Today started out and ended right around 0 degrees. We have now packed into Big Spring Brook and Bowlin Camps via the K-Comp Road and the Messer Pond Orin Falls Road. The Loop was packed and groomed yesterday and was left today for the snow to come tomorrow.
Surfaces were packed powder with  about 2 inches of new snow covering that with quite a bit of blowing and drifting.  THe further down river you get , the more snow you find, but all surfaces are covered and nice.
Sunday grooming will happen again after tomorrow’s snow fall.
The snow shoe trail needs some packing out , but if you follow the orange flagging you can find your way no problem. The animal tracking should be superb. We followed what looked like lynx tracks from Oxbow turnoff all the way into Big Spring Brook . See the photo attached looking into the sun up there trail.
We want to thank our VIP’s Dave and Paula Saaf for helping clear the gnarled K-Comp Trail to Bowlin Camps for all the skiers and snowshoers to come. Our Volunteers in Parks continue to make a huge difference up here . If you love to get out in the winter and make a difference contact Susan Adams for more information on becoming a Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument Volunteer today! January 17