Lots if people have been wondering about snow conditions so I decided to hop on a sled and go out 114N through the 2 miles of woods trail.
As you can see it’s boney even pretty bare here around the store and cabins but wind blows the snow off here and the fog also puts a hurting on the open areas. Once into the trees there is still ok snow cover if you want to get some break in miles on a new sled or poke around. This section of trail also represents the worse you’d see as the rain and melting runoff runs in the trail in this section.
The good news is that it’s a good base for when ever we get a storm. With a 8-12” possible 6” depending on the type of snow we will out packing with the groomer and drag until then it’s still early and it will hopefully turn quickly soon!

So do your snow dances and when it falls we’ll do what we do and make the trails as good as possible for you!