Last night Les groomed 114/85 south to PT14.
Allen groomed north and South out of Matagamon and the Huber Rd (keep in mind 4 miles were plowed. He pulled the banks back onto the icy road to let it freeze and will be back over to pan it and pack it down)
Benedicta groomed 83 to Whetstone Bridge and 81South.
Oxbow groomed their stretch of 85 and we’re going to do 86 last night/early this am.
**Wednesday nights grooming shown in yellow on map below
Thursday night We groomed 114N/85S out of Shin Pond to the junction of 71D. This trail had held up very well even though it hadn’t been done since Saturday night.
We also groomed 85N to where the Oxbow club comes down to. This trail was in desperate need of attention and came out ok and will improve much more once done again.
**Tuesday nights grooming shown in pink on map below.
Warm temps and rain/mix are expected for Thursday/Friday and night temps are expected to plummet again and we will be back out there starting Friday night.