We’ve all been anxiously waiting for snow and luckily, last week, we were able to kick off to our winter season in the Shin Pond Region. The Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Snowmobile Club has done a great job of opening up the trails. Most, if not all, our major routes have seen a drag over the last few days with riders starting to scratch that itch. Last Wednesday, 1/10, we received a good 9 inches of snow before it turned over to rain. This was the turning point for us that allowed us to get the groomers out on the trails. The trails that are on logging roads are all in decent condition, but there will be thin spots through the wooded areas. We expect another 3-4 inches this Tuesday which will freshen things up for the upcoming weekend! Please remember, We have had a very warm start to winter. Use Extreme caution when crossing any body of water that appears to be frozen! Give us a call if you’d like to join us this weekend or next!