1/15/19 Trail Update

We received a few inches of soft snow last night. After a brief warm up Saturday 1/11 temps fell overnight and our snowpack gained in the way of sleet and snow throughout the day Sunday 1/12. All trails were groomed that Sunday and Monday 1/13 and are flat and fast with good lubrication.

>ITS85 from Whetstone Bridge (PT13) through Bowlin Camps, Matagamon and North of Shin Pond to Meet with Oxbow is groomed and very good riding.

>ITS114 from South of Bowlin Camp’s through Shin Pond to re-intersect ITS85 North of Shin Pond is groomed and very good riding.

>Club trail 64 is groomed and good riding from ITS114 South of Shin Pond to ITS81 near Patten.

>The section of 71D to get from ITS 85 between Shin Pond and Matagamon will be opened and groomed Thursday 1/16 just in time for Libby Camp’s opening weekend. (71D north across Grand Lake Seboeis is still closed due to Logging on the north side of the lake so those traveling from the north need to come almost all the way down to Shin Pond on ITS85 and towards Matagamon to pickup 71D to get to Libby Camps or the trains). We hope to get this section of 71D open this year but it depends on how long the logging takes to wrap up.

>The Huber Road has also had a logging operation which is finishing up and we will get that open as soon as possible.Jan