Updated by Groomer, Tim from Bowlin Matagamon Snowmobile Club

Good evening sled heads & happy hump day!

BMSP talked to your boss… It’s ok to bail out early this week… he said so! Really! So C’mon up and mess up these white carpets They are just to pretty! But no worries we can fix em again

Magic Matt Maddox took care of the North trails out of the village And laid em out like Mike Tyson and Tristan “the bully” Piston is heading to Whetstone Bridge I also heard The Monster of Mattagamon is out there tearing it up somewhere as well. What this means to you is that fresh 8 inches of snow is just waiting for first tracks! BMSP is getting it done!

With the recent snows surrounding clubs have all started grooming operations so connectivity through the ITS and club trails is really looking good for this weekend So get after it !!!