We had groomed North and South out of Shin Pond and Matagamon was also out on Saturday night prior to receiving some rain Sunday but fortunately it was short lived and it didn’t affect the snowpack too bad. Even the plowed driveways are all still fully snow covered.

Last night (Monday) JJ groomed 114/85 South from Shin Pond to Whetstone Bridge (PT13).
Tristan groomed 114/85 North to meet the Oxbow Club and 85 South/71D to where our club meets the Libby groomer.

We had guests ride over 300 miles on Sunday during the warm and others through on Monday who can attest to still good conditions.

We’re hoping February is kinder to us in terms of snowfall and no rain!

There is good riding if clubs are putting in the effort so Make the best out of this winter and Get out and ride!