Trail Report

Everyone staying and passing through have been very happy with our trails. We’re keeping a regular grooming schedule and the trails are flat and with a bit of lose snow from grooming have adequate lubrication.

Last night JJ groomed ITS114/85 from Shin Pond to Whetstone Bridge (PT13) and back.

Tristan groomed ITS114/85 North to meet Oxbow and 85S/71D to meet up to Libby’s.

Last night Matagamon groomed from There in ITS85N to the 71D intersection and groomed south of Bowlin on 85 Wednesday night.

Thursday morning Johnny is our grooming the Sugarloaf Loop and Club trail 64 to where it meets ITS81 just outside of Patten.

There are some notable logging operations affecting the trails.
-The Huber Road is closed
-71D to the North over Grand Lake Seboeis is closed.

The trail conditions are very good so get out, enjoy and ride safe!