Mom nature is really testing our patience this year however grooming operations are continuing at BMSP!

Things are definitely thin not gonna BS ya! But when I say thin that’s in specific areas typically the woods trails getting in and out of the village and Matagamon. You may start out your day thinking WTH??? but take it slow and you will be rewarded! Last night Allen groomed 85 out of Matagamon to Huber road then up to where it meets Libby’s trail
Les Hill groomed The 114 connector to 85 South and the club 64 trail. Matt groomed the 85 north section to the Oxbow turn around.

Today’s temps are not going to be helpful no doubt, but it looks like the rain is not going to get us as the early forecast had predicted. That’s a blessing! We will have to see about tonight. We were all planning on the full monty of grooming before the busy weekend but if it doesn’t cool down at night it’s not helpful to groom.

I did a night ride last night with Tristan and was pleasantly surprised. There is still riding!!! And plenty of it! We are not down and out yet! More snow Tuesday???

So there ya have it you know what I know. It’s still happening! So get after it! Ride safe! Slow it down!!! That will help keep what trail and snow we have to work with in good shape. Please!! Remember it’s not just your weekend to ride. Others are coming after you!

Best regards,
BMSP Groomer Tim