RILEY HERE… With your weekly trail update, buckle up this is gonna be a long one. 😅
Last night Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Snowmobile Club groomed all of their trails. In their travels, they saw great spots, good spots, and some bad spots. Thankfully they were able fix a lot of the bad and the not so good. Per usual, the woods trails are thinner than most.
WINTER IS NOT OVER! There is still riding to be done! I’ve been hearing that trails from Shin Pond to Caribou are mint. 71D to Libby Camps is beautiful. Most trails heading to Homestead Lodge Oxbow, ME are still great.
Coming up for the week? Take advantage of what else the area has to offer.
Go ice fishing! We just recently began renting ice shacks on Lower Shin Pond. Call us to schedule.
Check out the trail systems at Mountain Heights Outpost , they even have some snowshoes available for those who don’t have any! (Approx. 9 miles away)
Mt Chase Lodge has beautifully groomed cross country ski trails. (0.5 miles away)
Take a winter hike into Shin Brook Falls! Matagamon Wilderness has been keeping the end of the road plowed for parking. The waterfall is beautiful all times of the year, but my favorite in the winter. (4.5 miles away)
Eat & Drink Local!
This week, we have Solo Artist, Mike Preston on Wednesday for Valentine’s Day and Adam Ouellette & Company LIVE at Shin Pond Village on Saturday. Check out the events on our Facebook page to stay up to date with what else we have planned this winter.
North Gate Grill in Patten is open 7 days a week serving lunch, dinner, & beer. I highly recommend their Buffalo chicken pizza & haddock bites! (10 miles away)
Katahdin Brew Works is open Friday & Saturday nights and feature local brewed beers. (10 miles away)
SHIN POND PUB LLC reopened this year under new ownership! Stop in and welcome Bill & Wendy to the area. They’re open Wed-Sun and serve food, beer, & liquor. (3 miles away)
Debbie's Deli & Pizza in patten is open 7 days a week serving breakfast, lunch, & dinner. (10 miles away)
B&E'S Morning Rush is the cutest little drive through coffee shop in the middle of Patten. Ben makes a great breakfast burrito! (10 miles away)
Bear Mountain Smoke Shack has a food truck on Main Street in Patten, you may recognize them! They served their BBQ here last Winter! (10 miles away)
I guess what I’m trying to get at is, we get it. You booked this vacation nearly a year ago. You’ve been counting down the days until you get to ride on Maines BEST TRAIL SYSTEM (ok thats just my opinion!) and now we have very little snow. It’s upsetting. But take your vacation. Come enjoy the area. Come visit the locals, oh how we’ve missed you! And rebook your stay for 2025 because next winter has GOT TO BE BETTER THAN THIS!!!
Do your snow dance ❄️ I hope I have better news next week.