If you’re the type of person that checks the weather, in hopes of finding out about the next big storm, if you fantasize about being the first track on that freshly groomed and frozen trail seeing the snow glisten as the sun hits the trees, if you’ve got a craving for great snowmobiling conditions, we have it! We are fully operational and comfortable during the winter months. New England’s best kept trails are located right out our front door and run hundreds of miles in any direction. Breathtaking scenery awaits you around every turn. We are located ½ mile off the paved road in a quiet, wilderness setting on Upper Shin Pond. Our lodge is about Ten miles west of Patten on Route 159, the road to Baxter State Park’s northern entrance.

Ride in from your long day on the trails to find a warm fire, your favorite beer or wine waiting for you, friendly faces along with a much deserved 3 course meal where the hot soup hits the spot and the bread is still warm from the oven. Relax by the fire in the evening, then start all over again in the morning! We connect to ITS 85 and 114 and can accommodate you and your group of friends in our lodge. Keep up to date on our trail conditions on Facebook or Twitter. Still have questions? Give us a call! We’re looking forward to having you with us this winter!

Our 5 Private Cabins offer a rustic yet elegant feel and can comfortably sleep from 2-8 people or choose to stay in one of our Main Lodge Rooms.

Snowmobile Trail Updates

January 28, 2020

1-28-20 We had groomed North and South out of Shin Pond and Matagamon was also out on Saturday night prior to receiving some rain Sunday but fortunately it was short lived and it didn’t affect the snowpack too bad. Even the plowed driveways are all still fully snow...

January 25, 2020

  Lots of grooming last night. Tristan groomed ITS114/85 North to meet Oxbow and ITS85 South/71D to meet Libby’s. Blaine groomed 114/85 South to Whetstone Bridge (PT13). Allen groomed ITS85 South out of Matagamon to south of Bowlin and had groomed ITS85 north out...

January 24,2020

1-24-20 Last night one of the Matagamon groomers and both Shin Pond groomers were both out. Tristan groomed from Shin Pond on ITS114/85 North to meet Oxbow. JJ groomed from Shin Pond on ITS114/85South to Whetstone (PT13). Allen groomed from Matagamon on ITS85 North...